Wynton Marsalis ‘Delfeayo’s Dilemma’ – Lead Sheet

wyntonmarsalis-2c43a0b83dfa9f60043495afc397f6cee42e368c-s6-c30Here’s a drum chart for the Wynton Marsalis classic ‘Delfeayo’s Dilemma’ from his album Black Codes (From The Underground). I first came across this tune on Kenny Garret’s Triology album before tracking down the Marsalis original. It’s a 28 bar structure with a 4/4 meter, but be aware of the single bar of 3/4 thrown in late in the cycle. Notice how drummer Jeff ‘Tain’ Watts plays ‘off’ the main melody line to provide rhythmic interest. Also, at the beginning of the second time through the head (0:27) Watts plays a 3 over 4 swing pattern to give the illusion that the tempo has temporarily slowed.


Delfeayo's Dilemma Chart - Full Score

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