The 4 Minute Warm-Up

Over the last few months I’ve been posting a series of exercises intended to target specific areas for your warm-up. We’ve had the Permutating Flam Paradiddle and Flam Triplet exercises and I’ve now added a third Six-Stroke Roll exercise in both singles and doubles.

Below is a consolidation of all three, to be played continuously. In the (roughly) 4 minutes it’ll take to complete the exercise, you’ll have warmed-up your single-strokes, double-strokes, paradiddles, flams and six-stroke rolls.

N.B. You may need to adjust the tempo slightly between pages.


The 4 Minute Warm-Up - Full Score

2The 4 Minute Warm-Up - Full Score

3The 4 Minute Warm-Up - Full Score

4The 4 Minute Warm-Up - Full Score



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