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Jazz Ostinato in 7/4 #1

Using Todd Bishop’s jazz ostinato method, we’re going to continue working on our 7/4 playing. The exercise below has a repeating right hand/right foot/left foot pattern, with variations coming from the left hand snare part. These are great exercises to help you internalise the 7/4 swing pattern and to expand your 7/4 vocabulary. Enjoy!


Jazz Ostinato in 7 4 - Full Score

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Using Stick Control in 5/4

Here’s an exercise inspired by Andrew Hare from the The Melodic Drummer blog (or perhaps Todd Bishop). By adapting the Alan Dawson esq. Single Stroke Roll Exercise from last week into 5/4 we can simultaneously develop our odd time playing whilst building the speed of our singles. Hare/Bishop’s concept was to add an extra beat (played RL or LR) onto bar 1, page 5 of Stick Control. Play this new 5/4 bar twice followed by fast 16th note singles as in last week’s exercise. Repeat with each exercise of page 5. Just to make things a little more complicated (and co-ordinated) i’ve added an ostinato with the feet. This is a highly portable exercise as the tricky co-ordination required can be practiced with hands on thighs (a method that’s been particularly useful on my current 5 week tour).

Singles in 5_4 Ostinato - Full Score

Singles in 5_4 Ostinato - Full Score2 Singles in 5_4 Ostinato - Full Score3 Singles in 5_4 Ostinato - Full Score4
Singles in 5_4 Ostinato - Full Score5


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