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Stanton Moore Solo Study #2

Artist: Stanton Moore
Track: Maple Plank
Live performance with the Stanton Moore Trio

Here’s another transcription of the great Stanton Moore, this time from a live performance of Maple Plank with his trio. He’s using the melody from the 32 bar AABA structure as a reference point for his phrasing so memorise the melody and structure first, then sing along to the solo. Stanton pulls out a lot of ‘tricks’ here including a very tricky one-handed-roll, a finger slide pitch bend and a drum head elbow press. Also, be aware of the stab on beat 4 of the 8th bar of the B section.
Check out the video and transcription below:

The transcription starts from 0:08


Stanton Moore - Maple Plank Solo - Full Score

2Stanton Moore - Maple Plank Solo - Full Score
3Stanton Moore - Maple Plank Solo - Full Score


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Moritz Mueller Solo Study

Here’s a solo by Moritz Mueller, an upcoming drumming star from Germany. After finally getting my hands on Sibelius, I was able to transfer my original handwritten – and highly unintelligible - transcription into digital form. Getting to grips with this piece was a great tool for developing super quick 32nd note linear phrases between the hands and feet. It was also my first foray into quintuplet phrasing. In the video below I play the solo verbatim until 1:20 when it moves into improv.


Moritz (Youtube Version) - Full Score2Moritz (Youtube Version) - Full Score2Moritz (Youtube Version) - Full Score




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Stanton Moore Solo Study no. 1

Artist: Stanton Moore
Track: Big ‘Uns Get The Ball Rolling
Album: III

Today’s study turns the focus onto a personal drumming hero of mine, Stanton Moore. I’ve put many long hours in with his 2 instructional books; Groove Alchemy and Take It To The Streets as well as transcribing grooves and solos from his solo albums.

This track, curiously titled ‘Big ‘Uns Get the Ball Rolling’, is a great example of using a groove as the basis for your solo. There are some flashy moments but the emphasis never strays far from good old fashioned groove based playing. He spends a large portion of the solo on the three main voices for any groove drummer: Kick, Snare and Hi-Hats. As always, start slowly and be aware of the push on the ‘and’ of 1 on every-other bar. For further listening try anything by the Meters and their irrepressible groove king Zigaboo Modeliste. Below is the transcription as well as my attempt from a few years ago.


Big 'Uns Get The Ball Rolling Drum Solo - Full Score






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