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5 Note Triplet Groupings – with Video

Ernesto Simpson(Omar Sosa Trio)

A few months ago I was lucky enough to have a lesson with the great Ernesto Simpson. Ernesto has mastered the intricacies of odd number groupings and manages to insert them effortlessly into his playing so, rather than sounding like technical trickery, they become another facet to his melodicism. Not an easy task! In the short time we had together he showed me some simple 5 and 7 note stickings played as triplets. The exercise below is based around  a 5 note RL RLL sticking played over triplets. Play four bars of time, followed by exercise 1. Repeat for all 6 exercises. In the video below I play through the exercises, followed by an improvisation at 200bpm based around the RL RLL sticking. This one’s tricky so remember to start slow!

5 Note Triplet Groupings - Full Score

5 Note Triplet Groupings - Full Score2



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Odd Number Triplet Groupings

Inspired by last week’s Elvin Jones 9 beat phrase lesson, I’ve been working on more ways to master the triplet with odd subdivisions. These odd number phrases have an conventional feel and mastering them can give you lots of new rhythmical options; a technique regularly employed by Elvin.

Below are groups of 7 played as single-stroke rolls. I’m accenting the 1st & 5th note of each group. There are 4 orchestration options then an alternate sticking of RLRL RLL – also with orchestrations.



Odd Number Triplet Groupings (7) - Full Score

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