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Explosive 3 Beat Phrase – with Video

Here’s a short phrase I came up with after revisiting some of my triplet/gospel video lessons from a few years back. It’s a simple 3 beat phrase consisting of 5 notes. I use it a lot in Jazz as an explosive Billy Cobham style phrase but it also works as a fill for groove or gospel playing. See the video at the bottom for my attempt.

Explosive 3 Beat Phrase

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Gospel Triplet Fill – with video

Today i’m looking back to a video lesson I posted over 5 years ago (suddenly feeling very old) but remains the most popular video on my YouTube channel with over 140,000 views. I was inspired to develop this gospel, linear style through monsters such as Eric Moore, Chris Coleman and  Mike Johnston who I recommend you check out.

This lick is based on a simple Paradiddle-diddle but with the last note replaced with a kick:

Gospel Video Lesson - Full Score 

Now try orchestrating it around the kit. These are two of my favourites:


Gospel Video Lesson - Full Score1

Here’s my painfully unconfident explanation from back in 2008:


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