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Jazz Ostinato in 7/4 #1

Using Todd Bishop’s jazz ostinato method, we’re going to continue working on our 7/4 playing. The exercise below has a repeating right hand/right foot/left foot pattern, with variations coming from the left hand snare part. These are great exercises to help you internalise the 7/4 swing pattern and to expand your 7/4 vocabulary. Enjoy!


Jazz Ostinato in 7 4 - Full Score

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Comping Exercise in 7/4

Continuing with the theme of odd time vocabulary development, here’s an exercise designed to help you get more comfortable in 7/4. It’s based on a John Riley comping exercise from his ‘Art of Bop Drumming’ book. Make sure the pattern at the top of the page swings comfortably before attempting the comping phrases.


Comping in 7 4 - Full Score

  • First, play the 8th note phrases on the snare. Then try moving the phrases on to the kick & left foot hi-hat.
  • Next, play the phrase on the kick drum with continuous swung 8th notes ‘filling in the gaps’ on the snare.
  • Now move on to the 8th note triplet phrases. As before, keep the right hand ride pattern swinging with the comping phrases in support of the ‘dominant’ ride pattern.

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Triplet Warm-Ups in 7/4

Justin Brown – Odd-Time Master

After listening Ambrose Akinmusire over the last few weeks, I’ve been inspired to continue developing my odd-time playing. Having posted numerous 5/4 exercises, I now want to start concentrating on 7/4.

Below is the triplet warm-up exercise from John Riley’s Beyond Bop Drumming book adapted into 7/4.

Using the 7/4 swing pattern at the top of the page, play the comping phrases underneath at a mezzo piano dynamic. Make sure to keep the right hand swinging.

As with other odd-time signatures, it’s helpful to divide bars of 7/4 into smaller chunks. A common division of 7/4 is the 4-3 division (counted as one bar of 4, one bar of 3). The swing pattern at the top of the page can be counted easily as a 4-3 division.

7 4 Triplet Warm-Ups - Full Score

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