Right Hand Lead Phrases – with Video

Apologies for the lack of posts of late. A bout of sinusitis immediately followed by the flu put me out of action for a couple of weeks, but I’m back  in the game now and  have plenty of new ideas to share with you all. Today we’re working on a classic Alan Dawson right hand lead technique.  I was reminded of this useful approach by the excellent Justin Varnes who spotted Antonio Sanchez using it in a live video. The basic premise is that you play 8th note phrases with your right hand, and fill in the triplets with your  left hand.

sample - Full Score

Each of the exercises below have a recognisable tune so try and keep this in mind as you play. Play 4 bars of time followed by exercise 1. Repeat for all 10 exercises as in the video below:

Exercises 8,9 & 10 use a technique known as rhythmic transposition which is when a phrase is stretched or squashed in order to make the time sound like it is being slowed down or sped up. Keeping in mind an emphasis on melody, sing your own simple phrases, then apply them using the right hand lead technique.


Right Hand Leading Phrases - Full Score






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  1. Chuck

    Thanks for these and the 5 note triplet patterns too!

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