Developing the ‘Blushda’

Here’s a rudiment I stumbled on a few years ago during a lesson with the great Troy Miller. He showed me some interesting ways to apply the Swiss Army Triplet around the kit but I realised the phrase also sounded great if you ‘diddle’ the 2nd note of the triplet (i.e. add a double stroke). This gave the rudiment a fluidity that I hadn’t heard before. For a few weeks I even felt smug that i’d invented my very own rudiment until, unsurprisingly, it turned out the Blushda goes back decades, featuring on many a Tony Williams solo. I do like to think, though, that stumbling across it in this way gave me a (misguided?) sense of ownership.

First play a Swiss Army Triplet (no. 1) then add the diddle on the second triplet (no. 2). I’ve heard other drummers reverse the sticking of the flam (no. 3) but for today we’ll stick to the original sticking. There are plenty of options for orchestrating this phrase around the kit (no. 4). Try and come up with some of your own.

I normally use The Blushda more as a 4 over 3 cross rhythm (no. 5) that lasts two bars. Try that with a slow click and once you’re comfortable, experiment with orchestration (no. 6).

The Blushda variation (no.7) requires some quick hands but sounds great around the kit (no.8) especially with the right hand on the cowbell and the left hand moving around the kit, a la Stanton Moore.

Happy practicing!




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5 Responses to Developing the ‘Blushda’

  1. sung-bong Park

    It’s getting confuse when it goes to variation part.

    especially I can’t even count 7,8 var.

    I saw your gigs schedule (lol) so I don’t think you have time for this , but can you upload sound sample or vid for var.7,8 please?

    hope you to endure hard tour schedule well. Thanks Mr.Nadal.

  2. steve

    Thanks for your input on the ‘blushda’. I picked it up on a Gregg Bissonette DVD. I was trying to figure out how to write the notation down on paper for my drums buds and your site helped me with that.

  3. No problem Steve. Thanks for reading!

  4. Sen

    I have a Blushda variation using 5′s :-

    4/4 16ths Flam lR
    F F F F F
    1234 5 123 45 1 2 345 1 2345 1*

    Stickings 32nd Notes: Frrllrrl
    Voicings : TT/SN or RCym/SN

    Als0 play over triplets in medium swing context QN= 150-160

    Sorry for text, dont have proper notational tool
    Hope it makes some sense


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