Comping Exercise in 5/4 #2

Here are more exercises to help you develop your 5/4 swing vocabulary. Apply the same process as the first instalment with the 5/4 phrases acting as comping material over a 5/4 swing pattern:


Comping in 5:4 Part 2 - Full Score

We can also take this further and start ‘filling in the gaps’ using the 8th note comping phrases:

  • Play the phrase on the kick drum and ‘fill in’ the 8th notes on the snare drum. Bars 1-2 will look like this:

Bar - Full Score

  • Play the phrase on the left foot hi-hat and ‘fill in’ the 8th notes on the snare drum. Like this:

bar2 - Full Score

  • Next, play the ‘short’ 8th notes from the phrase on the left foot hi-hat. Play the ‘long’ 1/4 notes on the kick. Bars 1-2:



Now apply these three methods for all 16 bars of the 8th note comping phrases.

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