Antonio Sanchez – Trading Choruses


Below are 22 bars of pure melodic phrasing, surely the ultimate aim for any soloist. In the video below, Sanchez demonstrates the power of the drum ‘hook’ – a phrase chosen for its melodic and compositional appeal rather than for any technical reasons. The solo is from a Chick Corea Trio live video on YouTube. Antonio is trading choruses with Chick so will be using Chick’s solo as inspiration for his own.

I was turned onto this video by the prolific Justin Varnes who posted a video lesson on it recently. Varnes focuses on the phrasing mid-way through the first chorus which use a right hand leading/left hand filling in the gaps method ala Alan Dawson. The second chorus makes use of some great double handed phrases which are so melodic you can sing along to them; a compliment any drummer should be proud of!

The first solo starts at :40

Antonio Sanchez Trading Choruses - Full Score

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